Why Cell Wellbeing?

Terenzo Bozzone, 5X World Triathlon Champion, explains how Cell Wellbeing has helped him.

Modern day living has many common influences that can have an impact on and affect your body’s underlying wellness. These include foods eaten and nutrients absorbed: along with many common environmental influences at home and work.

Collectively, these are known as epigenetics.

epigenetic indicators

Scientists now understand that your genes are largely influenced by the environment; up to 98% in some cases. These eye-opening developments can take you down a different path where your genetic inheritance no longer controls you and instead you become empowered and in control of your own destiny.

Now, personal epigenetic indicators can be mapped for you in less than 15 minutes with only four strands of hair, using the Cell Wellbeing Digital S-Drive system.

Hair is an amazing, almost indestructible, bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information at a quantum epigenetic level. Your hair samples are digitally processed and sent via a secure internet connection to our technology center in Hamburg, Germany.

There, our powerful super-computer systems map the relevancy of the epigenetic information. Over 800 key wellness indicators are mapped and used to create the charts and tables which make up the complete report and 90 day plan.


Cell Wellbeing Flow of Steps
cell wellbeing report

Download the Cell Wellbeing Leaflet

Download the Cell Wellbeing Leaflet for Athletes and Sports People

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