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Cell Wellbeing Equipment for Clinics & Therapists, Sports Coaches, Personal Trainers, Beauty Spas, Hair Salons

The S-Drive is a Wellness business opportunity for anyone interested in generating multiple income streams quickly and effectively, with minimal training.

An affordable investment into the cellular wellness industry with our ‘breakthrough German technology’ could enable you to improve direct sales of nutritional products and services in a more personal and professional way.

Cell Wellbeing operates an unparalleled distribution program for those who want to build a successful business in the wellness industry, with minimal investment that often produces a speedy return on investment.

For wellness professionals there’s the opportunity to boost their client knowledge with new and insightful information. A focus more on prevention, by identifying cell weaknesses long before they become physical expressions of symptoms opens up vast new markets and opportunities.

All using the latest in technological advancements, powerful Environmental Indexing programs to make it quick, affordable and non-invasive.

Additional consumer benefits of – ‘look younger, longer’ or ‘detect the cell weakness before it’s expressed as a symptom’ and you have the most potent-sales and business-friendly tool available in the market.


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The Environmental S-Drive

The S-Drive is NEW wellness technology which connects users to our Environmental Indexing Centre in Germany. The portable device installs through a USB connection to a PC or laptop and with an internet connection you are ready to begin. The device has a user friendly operating software that allows you to scan your client’s hair samples and send the data via the internet connection for assessment.

The resulting Environmental Statements are delivered back to your S-Drive software inbox within 12 minutes, giving you almost instant access to a host of useful information. The S-Drive’s coil records a section of the personal sine wave emissions from hair with the root bulb attached and digitises this information before sending it to Germany for analysis.

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The Advisory Team behind Cell Wellbeing

Dr. Carlos Orozco – BSc in Experimental Biology, Masters Degree in Immunology and Tumor Cell Biology, PhD in Immunology and Biochemistry, Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, lecturer in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Pathology, Cosmetic Chemistry and Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Svere Passke – Medical Doctor, in 1975 Sverre seconded for the Red Cross in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand as the Emergency medicines. Sverre was wounded by a shot in the stomach and disease period. This inspired him to study Natural Medicine, which he did in the years 1978-1985 in Germany and Switzerland among others in collaboration with Alfred Vogel.

Lene Hansson – Nutritional Advisor, Head of Lene Hansson Academy, published 35 books on diet and lifestyle, in the Scandinavian countries, most of which are bestsellers, and also released 5 DVD´s based on healthy lifestyle and nutrition. She has sold more than 2 million books in the Scandinavian countries.

Dr. Marcus Stanton – Medical Doctor. Lecturer both locally and internationally on many aspects of functional and complementary medicine. Dr. Stanton is also a medical supervisor and instructor for other interdisciplinary therapists and doctors.

Dr. Alfons Meyer – Resident specialist for general medicine, emergency medicine and naturopathic medicine, Acupuncture, biological cancer therapy, orthomolecular medicine, intestinal restoration and holistic therapies.

Dr. Donato Segura – Medical Internist in Geriatrics, practising since 1977.

Dr. Radha Krishna – Dr Radha Krishna has 35 years clinical experience. Based in Malaysia Dr Krishna is a specialist in Hypertension and Diabetes. Dr Krishna has been a member of our advisory team since 2014. He has great knowledge and experience of the challenges facing peoples wellness in South East Asia.


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